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Take Down and Rehang

Although your curtains do not endure the daily wear and tear that carpets do, they do accumulate dust, dirt and allergens over time. Giving a little care and attention is important to keep them looking their best, restoring them to their former glory. Our expert curtain cleaning service will add years to the life of your curtains while leaving your home feeling fresh and bright. As well as professional cleaning of your curtains, we provide a professional “Take Down & Rehang Service” using the very latest technology. You no longer need to dread the thought of dismantling your curtains and hauling them to the dry cleaners, our team of professionals will do this for you. We also provide a relining service if required giving you the best possible result. Our curtain cleaning technicians are experts in their field and will help preserve the true colour and design of your curtains.




The Elias curtain cleaning service made my curtains look as good as new! The staff are extremely professional, and they also rehang them after cleaning which is very helpful.elias complete care

Michael Brown